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When I take out the Marvell TopDog and replace it with the intel I know there are only two slots for the intel, so i just kind of guessed to put what in, maybe that’s what i’m doing wrong my computer would not start up. I like the mention of this being a “marginal” machine, regardless of it’s cheap construction, it’s at least four times the computer I had before intel celreon 2. Tony – Yep I know you don’t have it anymore and you got the replacement card – but even with that you still have info that has helped and clarified things for me. Results 1 to 8 of 8. Maybe Acer will have better support?

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The overall score for the VEI is always the lowest score of the individual components. Hi all, just wanted everyone to know that I have a gateway MT with the topdog wireless card and that I did a dual boot with Vista and XP pro and that the answer lonebirch gave does in fact work. I will try that site and drivers. February 3rd, 1. I will try a Google hack to try to search for an FTP site with drivers for that.

The rules of what makes a fast system haven’t changed significantly between XP and Vista. Read this entire thread, all posts; 2.


It does not seem to even start the connection process. Is the wireless adapter enabled? I did not save all the links or drivers from my mission, except on the Gateway I repaired. There are no more. I think the ATI is an exe. Sorry about all thisI feel your pain. I would go to the Acer wirelfss and try every driver, even those for other models.


Maybe Acer will have better support? I’m new here and I don’t see a way to email or PM you. Everything seems to be working really good except that the wireless does disconnect from time to time.

I honestly don’t know if this is the ‘unknown’ device or wireless. If anyone can help with these I would really appreciate it. Sorry I can’t be more help. February 3rd, 2.

I did try putting in go back that I’ve used alot and really like it since it’s saved me a few times and this is the 1st time I’ve had a problem with it and XP. Many of these drivers are on Gateway’s site: I pride myself on being a good sleuth, working hard to solve problems on my own, and have succeeded with every other case of de-vistafying new PCs, for me to post for help is an indication of how frustrated I was.


So now I’m back to the start where xp has found new hardware. Sorry this has been so frustrating to you.

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Don’t know if it’s the same or different – but My6458 guess it’s worth a try: The integrated Radeon graphics aren’t bad. Man, I wish I had seen this post I’m going to keep working on this, I may end up buying an intel wifi as I have some book money left over amazon saved a ton.

After unzipping, the setup file is there but it’s an. Remember that embedded devices can cross model lines as well as manufacturers. You’ll have to bear with me, I’m very inexperienced with Linux in general and especially the command line. You could have a PC that scores over a 5 on every subcategory, but if it gets a 2.

I just found my hardware index from last month sloppy desks mt64588