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It was working fine until I let her stand off a couple of days with the battery flat. When sailing, we almost always use the GW because it’s most convenient. Select to expand quote decrepit said.. I find the user interface of the watch easy enough, but I have talked to quite a few users who were confused by it. This is worst for Mac users, who have to remember the button sequences to delete display data and log data. I’ve got same problem with 1. A state-of-the-art Thumb Stick TS allows for simple, one-handed operation.

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I’m by no means trying to “put the watch down”. Terms Of Use Privacy Policy.

Locosys USB Dongle GPS Receiver

Select to expand quote tbwonder said. This is GW questionnaire campaign that like the next generation of customer surveys. The stylish unit can stand on your desk as a funky gadget, or, more usefully, can be placed on the dashboard in your car. This is worst for Mac users, who have to pocosys the button sequences to delete display data and log data.

Items Product locoyss Features Action. This includes the GT11 and the GT31 models. Unzip File and Update with ReadMe. Select to expand quote bedzplane said.

The “GPS” button is very sticky, so it sometimes takes many tries to get any reaction. Almost every user has been confused by the “deep sleep” feature, where the watch requires a power connection to wake up if it has not been used for a while.


LOCOSYS is a GPS / GNSS products / modules professional manufacturers. | LOCOSYS Technology Inc.

Select to expand quote sboardcrazy said. The GNSS patch antenna module has the remarkable performance of highly sensitive chipset engine and presents outstanding capability and shorten acquisition times in an industry proven form factor.

More Smart Antenna The GPS patch antenna module has impressive performance from trustworthy algorithm, embedded high reception patch antenna, meets exceptional cost-saving concern for turn-key solutions. I managed to get km on ush GW60 by topping it up during food breaks, so it is enough for normal people.

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But it is still the same. So sorry I can give no assurances either way. So how many people are going to cut there straps off? The GT can run for up to 46 hours in locosye saving mode, backlight off with the built-in lithium ion polymer rechargeable battery. All our watches have intermittent problems with mounting on Mac OS X.

This rugged navigator is waterproof to IPX7 locsoys or, immersible in the water for 30 minutes at a licosys of 1 meter, and, it floats! The design of the watch, with the glass being higher than the bezel around it, makes such breakage too easy. GT is not only developed to handle outdoor activities, but also to handle various professional uses, such as speed, hazard area, zone alerts, altitude or other alerts defined by the user. I don’t press buttons if they are wet or stress the strap more than necessary to fasten it.


Uwb getting the warranty replacement was a lengthy and painful process, largely due to slow responses and multiple requests for additional information from Locosys, I decided to keep the “slightly defective” warranty replacement instead of trying to get another replacement.

That’s even more annoying since as a Mac user, I have to press it a couple of times to delete the data. Yes I love my watch as well, but it’s a pity I’m too cautious to press buttons with locoxys fingers!!!!! Earlier firmware would crash every so often, and unplugging the battery was required to reset it.

How the manufacturer deals with this determines what customers think about the product and the manufacturer. Its precision GNSS timing is suitable for applications such as communication base stations and electrical power grids. GW is a reliable partner for all surfers. Select to expand loclsys decrepit said. Locodys state-of-the-art Thumb Stick TS allows for simple, one-handed operation. Locosys was a pain to deal with when trying to get this repaired; it took months to get a definitely answer that the repair cost equals the cost of a new watch.

And to check my 5X10 score.