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The blade cartridge just keeps flashing red lights since powering it up. Your instruction were perfect. After that connect the Compustar with the blade inserted into it. Turn Windows features on or off. Flashing the iDatalink Maestro RR. However, nowhere, either online, the quick start packet, or on this forum, did it state that the LED should illuminate.

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It took me a couple of tries to get the module to flash completely.

Flashing an iDatalink Maestro RR using 64 Bit Windows 10 |

Go to Internet Options upper right gear icon on the browser. I plug in the module after that and click “Flash your module”, I get “Weblink updater plugin required”. I’ve tried plugging it into 4 computers and the light never turns on. Then I opened Internet explorer 11 and connected the Maestro Sw. The first time the progress bar made it all the way to the end and then froze. Turning car to “on” does nothing.

Fortunately, that is also included on Windows I have a 64 Bit Windows 10 computer with. I’m on hold with tech support for the last 15min, first in line waiting for first available Flashing the iDatalink Maestro RR.


I suggest you have better instructions, either online, or in the wwblink you include with the module: Any help would be appreciated Shaun. I am using the supplied USB cable, the green light is lit on the module. After getting same response, When i did click the install FTDI driver, it popped up a black dos screen and installed driver, i tried reconnecting still no go.

I installed it in my car and it works great! If you plug it in before it’s done, then windows will install a driver for you. I went to the iDatalink idaalink to upgrade my firmware, but I receive a message that the module is not detected. I’m not sure what the connector you use is but I had a hell of a time locating a compatible cable.

I get an identical message on each computer – module not detected, please use compatible cable. You will see a black DOS prompt window pop up when the driver is forced to install. Do this process twice to force it to installs.

I wish I would have seen these issues before I purchaed this. It will be the wrong driver. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Is the light on the module weblknk to turn on when I plug it into my USB port on my laptop?


Also, when I downloaded and ran the program, it told me it needed. You also need a 32 bit version of Internet Explorer. The led light never lights up either. I have the Meastro SW. The second time it worked, and the status of the module showed the correct firmware installed. The flash originally worked fine with a pioneer head unit, but now I’m trying idatalini flash it for a JVC unit and the “module not detected” idatalunk keeps coming up after multiple installs of the updater and drivers.

The blade cartridge just keeps flashing weblinnk lights since powering it up.

Flashing an iDatalink Maestro RR using 64 Bit Windows 10

I have the exact same issue and tried everything you did. Tried re-installing all the drivers more times than I can count, restarting, reinstalling again, etc. Please advise us, idatalink! Another module not detected case Find answers to common installation issues with the WebLink Updater.