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Interesting, and do you remember when you’d used it before? First you need to load two modules, usbserial and cp which are included in kernel 2. It has the same features as the Qstarz BT-Q , so you might want to read its reviews, too. Anyway, I haven’t been able to play much with it yet. I’d be interested to hear others’ impressions. Views Read View source View history.

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I assume it had a fix beforehand as signal levels inside a plane don’t normally allow for acquisition. Oh good, I wasn’t sure if it was used to power it off, there is a switch on the side too? The iBlue is a dual function GPS receiver with Bluetooth connectivity and 16Mb of onboard memory for data logging.

Is there just a NMEA command that you send to get it to dump all data points?

The device has to be in LOG mode. Hope they fix it soon. Ended up costing me around NOK It should be interesting to see how user friendly the software for the i-Blue loggers are. On the in logging mode you can still use it as a Bluetooth receiver.


The DG just adds to the automatic points so they are hard to find. The manual says something about that, but it’s not on the device. Official Site german review. Just realized that they have a PPC utility on their website, hadn’t seen it on the CD and I was about to comment about that ;- Oh and does the have a button to record a manual data point?


If you think you might need a Bluetooth GPS then the or are interesting, but I tend to believe in single purpose devices that loger their “main” job best. But I only remembered to turn it on after takeoff, so there was no fix prior to being onboard.

GPS Receiver

The key there is the semi-standard CSV file that is created. The unit seems to perform well. A back-to-back comparison with the Globalsat DG would be really interesting since these are the products that seem to be offering the best logging capabilities for the time being.

They don’t feel quite finished at this time. Pretty good sensitivity – yesterday it captured all the data on a flight from SFO to Seattle from inside my travel bag. It is only a GPS mouse, so there is no setup or configuration.

Apparently they are working on software that will allow for data downloading over Bluetooth, faster transfer gpx Bluetooth bilue a PocketPC application.

Works since linux kernel 2. Yes, Adam fixed that quick, apparently the was slightly different from the log I’ll be adding captures of the logging software, which is likely identical. The does have a button, as per the illustration, to manually record data points but I haven’t used it. Never had such a problem with the Globalsat DG which does strengthen my belief in single-purpose devices that do one thing well.


The iBlue has two modes, datalogger or Nav. Select Forum News – www.

iblue A+ | GPS Data Logger Software – BT

I think I’d like to iblu some improvments there before chosing that receiver. I sent Transystem a mail describing the problem, hopefully they’ll make a vista compatible version of the software. Laissez un commentaire Suggestions. I just got one of these. Tosh, How much did you pay in total including delivery and customs for the receiver? Transystem i-Blue Users.

After 4 hours, it has to redownload the full ephemeris and that requires some good signal 28dB-Hzbut maybe you had it on the seat. It gets recognized in the other modes too, but didn’t work!