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This could be a big restriction if you need to use the GPS over extended periods and cannot get to a power outlet. It actually looks like the pictures above i. Answered on Jan 06, All I ever received back from them was an automated response acknowledging my request. I ran some more battery tests: Built-in rechargeable battery and 5V DC input charging circuit. If you don’t see Settings, you’re using a different watch version.

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First Impressions The day the Emtac arrived I had to go out on business and only got back at 8pm so didn’t have much time to play with it. I was surprised when the same thing happened the next day, and regularly thereafter.

What does it look like? Bggps not apply water, seawater or other oxidizing reagents to batteries, as this can cause rust and heat generation.

So you cannot rely on getting WAAS fixes all the time. Well yet again I was surprised! Answered on Jan 06, This was my first use of a Bluetooth serial device. There is no need to configure it for normal use.


The Emtac is provided with a power socket which has the same plug as the iPAQ and many other 5v devices. Later emtaf that night I enabled the WAAS and went to bed leaving the receiver active on the windowsill of my office. None of these were achieved using WAAS. External Antenna Port D: The Emtac receiver on eemtac of my filing cabinet.


This is not so reliable as a normal fix as you need line of sight to a single satellite, which although being Geostationary, may not always be available. So rmtac looks like it will be making its way to retail in December.

The first time this happened I really could not believe it. Or you could disable your ad-blocker for this site. Chat to us for a Price Match Close.


Where can you buy them? TransplantComputing kindly replaced my pre-production unit with a more recent revision. I do not find any GPS device with that model number.

It’s also got end user configurable trickle modes, but I haven’t tried and they hardly seem necessary. Because I wouldn’t send the review receiver back.

Emtac Trine Bluetooth GPS II (BTGPS II Trine)

I have been informed that there is a new product in development which has a removable battery that could overcome these issues, combining this with the new HP iPAQ which has better power management may be a much better solution. Battery Life and Power Supply: Rather bgtps send the output to a normal serial port I sent it to a Bluetooth serial port.


There were no instructions for connecting devices other than a Pocket PC. GPS Answered on Dec 17, Do not use nor keep batteries at places exposed to strong direct sunlight emtacc in cars under burning sun, etc.

The Emtac only supports connection to a single device so the utopia of connecting multiple devices to the receiver cannot be realised at the moment. Only a really long car journey or an extended hike using the receiver all the time would deplete the batteries. While the battery life quoted by a manufacturer is generally akin to the quoted fuel economy of a car, i. I have had similar experiences when driving, I have found that I can get a very good signal with the receiver in my pocket, or even on the floor between the front seats.

However there are more issues with power management on the PDA than there is with the Emtac.