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Take care to protect unused and printed thermal paper against the affects of heat, light and characters on the paper to feed. Remove two cover pins. And the host transmit a data to the Printer. Close the cover printer. Reinstall all such elements to their original position. Turn off the printer, host ECR and Computer.

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Never alter or add to the mechanical or electrical design of the ECR.

Always determine the cause of damaged or overheating and correct any potential hazards. Never touch the thermal element with your hand. Accent is specialized in providing total turnkey solutions for the local market. Turn off the printer, host ECR and Computer.

Neither mode can operate at the same time as the compatibility mode, so switching is always required. The total number of service personal including the authorized service centers is more than Check whether the motor runs smoothly without friction.


Exquisite design, easy to use The Following srp-105 can be used instead of the specified paper above.

Troubleshooting; Power Problem – Bixolon SRP Service Manual [Page 43]

Most replacement ESDs are packaged with leads bioxlon are electrically shorted together by conductive foam, aluminum foil or other conductive materials. The physical difference in the Series A and B connectors insures proper end user connectivity. Mack sure the printer is turned off with bixplon side of the switch. There are four tables, divided by symptom category: Follow these when changing DIP switches setting: The current measure should not exceed 0.

To use the hexadecimal dump function, follow these steps: Use only an anti-static solder removal device.

Thermal Printer Specification Rev. Cash Drawer Cable Installation Figure Do not apply AC power to the unit or any of its assemblies unless all solid-state heat sinks are correctly installed. Check the insulation between the blades of the AC plug and accessible conductive parts example: The number of authorized service centers is more than Compatibility Mode 2 Reverse Mode: The self-test automatically ends and cuts the paper after printing the following.


Turn on the power while holding down the FEED button. Such openings include excessively wide cabinet ventilation slots and improperly fitted covers and drawers.

58mm thermal receipt printer BIXOLON SRP-150

Print Characteristics Print Speed: The host can not receive a data. When its state is high level signal, 2SD drive the solenoid to open the cash drawer. Consequently, messing around with cables is avoided which is ideal at space-limited POS terminals or highly frequented cash desks.

Turn the printer off.

High-quality thermal printer specially designed for kitchen conditions Oil, water, dust proof, easy The printer is busy. Input 3 The printer transmits a data to the host, after confirming this signal.