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It is broken in too many instances and may have caused funny and not-so-funny things to happen with onboard HD audio devices. Add workaround for some weird Reason behavior. Bats Brew music Streaming Bats Brew albums: Thanks for the the response! Improve performance latency of USB audio class devices in Windows 7. There has been a really important fix and so I decided to release a new version just one day after the last one. But since you ask about “interfere” and personal “trouble with it”, yes I had it once.

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Native Instruments Prism is one such thing. Fixed bug that would disable audio input in Podium. Also, there is a new check box that lets you force resampling at This has been necessary because existing host software as a whole is too broken on average as to be able to chase individual developers and have aslo fix it.

Fix regression in 2. He surely will be missed! The x64 driver internally is a separate binary and may develop issues not present in the x86 version, so: Improve support for some multi-channel aati and fix an issue with devices that did show up in the device list but no sample rate could be set Actual error message depends on how much your sequencer got confused assio that More cards should be able to run on Used to be broken in Vista ksthunk. In Sonar Platinum, everything is so easy.


I got the following error when I set my audio device to the Dvice because it’s recording device is set at 48k: Check in your DAW settings, to see what driver modes are available.

[SOLVED] Studio One audio device setup | Cakewalk Forums

And what version of ultimate do you have 32 or 64 bit? From what I do understand is that the ASIO is designed to get better instrument quality sound, plus you get drum kits and amp and effects. Improve performance latency of USB audio class devices in Windows 7. WaveRT devices not detected if Compatibility Mode enabled for the host application. Add some sort of localization.

Originally Posted by fireberd. Fixed a rather stupid bug in the code that would have caused distorted output on all channels except the left one for devices where input and output bits per sample are not the same. Gave the “Buffer Size” Slider in the control panel a logarithmic scale.

How to determine if your board has ASIO drivers? – Windows 7 Help Forums

It is just that the physical ranges of these sliders have moved somewhat. Presonus online help is not very helpful. So you don’t have to be at the higher sample rate. We also provide an extensive Awio 7 tutorial section that covers a wide range of tips and tricks.


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Otherwise, the behaviour should be entirely transparent. The latency is way too high and the quality is average as well. I would like to eliminate my audio interface and use this set of speakers for our DAW activities: So maybe some unsuspecting folks get this thing by default, that ends up conflicting with their other ASIO drivers?

Some interfaces even at 96K wont get this good anyway. General, but minor performance improvements under Vista and Win7. Basically, this means an extension to the on-the-fly rate conversion capabilities. There has been a really important fix and so I decided to release a new version just one day after the last one.

ASIO USB Audio Driver?

Crackles due to screen updates are virtually history now! Craig Anderton has proved that and I totally agree. If that doesn’t work you could try the devicd method and run an audio cable from your PC to the speaker aux input, then try to set up the WASAPI mode with your PC’s internal audio driver. Fix issue that certain configurations e.