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You can also findthis information on the inside front cover of this user guide. Disconnect the 3-pin fan cable fromthe fan connector on the backplane. Take out two handles and metal brackets from the package. Floppy disk drive module7. After reboot, the rebuild will occurautomatically.

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Asus TS300-E5 motherboard BIOS – P5BPE4L

From the Management Menu, highlight T3s00-e5, then press. The CDautomatically displays the Drivers menu if Autorun is enabled in yourcomputer. Connect the fan cablesto the fan connectors on the motherboard, making sure that the black wire ofeach cable matches the ground pin of the connector. The power supply has 13 plugslabeled P1 to P Select a channel and press to enterthe setup. The default value indicates the maximum allowed capacity.

Page 10 About this guideAudienceThis user guide is intended for system integrators and experienced users with atleast basic knowledge of configuring a server.

Remove the two screws on theblower case using a Phillipsscrewdriver.


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Select the RAID controller ssus from the list, then press. Align the backplane with the rail-likedents on the slot to ensure that it fitssecurely.

Use the arrow keys to select Easy Configuration, then press. Refer to sections 1.

The other items Advanced, Power,Boot, and Exit on the menu bar havetheir respective menu items. Refer to Chapter 4: You need to remove these footpads if: Removing the side coverRemove the two screws that securethe cover to the chassis.

From the utility main menu, select 2. To clear the supervisor password, select the Change Supervisor Password thenpress. You need at least four identical hard disk drives when creating a RAID 10 set. When prompted, use the arrow keys to select Yes from the ConsistencyCheck dialog box, then press. Carefully insert drive tray andpush it all the way tts300-e5 the depth ofthe bay until just a small fractionof the tray edge protrudes.

Your manual failed to upload The default stripe size is KB. Lay the chassis on a flat, stable surface. Page Chapter 7: Motherboard information for detailed information on themotherboard. Release a drive tray by pushing thespring lock to the right, then pullingthe tray lever outward.


TSE5/PA4 | Server & Workstation | ASUS

Viewing volume propertiesTo view volume properties: The Drive Status column field now shows Hot Spare. Connect the front pivoting end of the cable manager to the inner rail whichhas been attached to the server.

Refer to the illustration below forthe location of the SATA connectors. Repeat step 3 to add the other disks to the volume.

Take caution when changing the settings of the Advanced menu items. To install the XGI Graphics driver1. Confirm the password when prompted.