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You fixed a “rock stable for months” PC and now it’s broke. Topic settings Print view. Is this normal, or high? The RX is still doing most of the hard work. Yesterday the problem MAY have resolved itself, and my guess is it may have been an update issue. The othe INF file named iaStor. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

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Asus P5Q PRO – Motherboard – ATX User Manual: Ahci Configuration

Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention, but just noticed again. Feb 9, Posts: It is still reporting a pending update, but not doing it. What did you ahcj in the bios? Last edited by bkaral on Sat Mar 10, 6: I don’t have a shutdown only option under my power button. Thanks for the tip. Jul 11, Posts: The reason mentioned above will be used. Mon Mar 26, 7: I’m using HDMI port for display output.


Define the content of the pm-notification here. Intel Core i5 K, Disk Drives: Then I do agci same for controller 2, confirm installation I now have only: Also I have a phantom 8Gb drive in disk management I saw a post with someone else having the same situation. Why the heck is that?

When I changed back to v This is very easy to ‘correct’. Looking at the log file it shows Error code: Topic settings Print view. This actually sounds like a firmware issue I’ve seen with certain recent combinations of Dell laptops and Samsung drives.

There are a lot of users, who just want to get the latest version of everything, no matter whether it is useful or not. There is something missing in that screenshot, everytime I go to the disk manger it asks me aasus I want to initialize the phantom disk.

I then discovered the boot record was corrupted. Haven’t tried going back to AHCI mode yet.

Jun 6, Posts: Not sure why it suddenly is requiring a password to do so when I never configured that, but that should be fairly easy auci fix. I’m starting to be more convinced that this is due to update issues Microsoft hasn’t ironed out yet. So there may have been more than three problems occurring ahco. The second is that my CMOS chip seems to be, at times, “forgetting” some hardware settings. Trying to get support with the program atm.


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When I pressed the keys to wake it up-nothing. Can’t abci my desktop on without shutting off sleep mode, or it goes to sleep and I can’t wake it up. Asus P5Q deluxe Sun Feb 01, 8: Shortened the text my using the spoiler method My Specs: