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But I don’t think that would cause so big a problem. Also you are claiming to have fixed the touchpad issues but what works for you might not work for others. This is also my story. The entire notebook is well-grounded You removed the tape, but not all the glue.

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I think all that rubbing is causing a charge to build up on the case, and if you’re grounded you’ll be sending that charge to gnd. I do like the product otherwise and the value. I used some rubberized foam tape that I had here, and I used it to act as a spacer and keep the touchpad base from touching anything else internal. I have a G74SX and use synaptiics usb mouse for gaming and have found that at a random time the touch pad will reactivate.

Soon enough, he noticed a beautiful black stallion. No, create an account now. It feels like they designed this thing, picked a bunch of devices, stuck them in, picked a bunch of drivers and then they said “This should work. I agree, the best thing to do is to contract the retailer and let them have the hassles. Also, please ensure the latest DirectX update is installed – Download details: I saw a lot of people having this issue online, and I was reading about all kinds of fixes.


And also, like gilbertramirezpt was talking about. You not only need to remove those, syhaptics you need to clean the area where they were so as to remove any residual adhesive.

G73JH Touchpad fixed….

Specifications and features vary by model, and hotebook images are illustrative. The problem with RMAing it is that I don’t think there’s any reasonable assurance it’ll actually get fixed. Uninstall any and all of the Asus stuff that you don’t use. Buy an Asus, self service assistance!

What finally made me Touhpad it was the erratic curosr. Give her a chance to take a crack at it now that she’s actually on the inside.

Today when I wake up and turn on my laptop, ta-daaaa, my touchpad was working like a charm! So I’ve ruled out “staticky user weirdness” or “dirty fingers” or anything like that.

I don’t know, but will assume Apple touchpads have Apple drivers that interface with an OS that was designed for smooth, advanced cursor operation.

And why should customers be expected to fix this. I can confirm the same identical behavior as described below on an G73sw that I purchased about 10 days ago, with performance between – with the machine idle.

Troubleshooting ASUS G73 Touchpad Problems – Page 53

It’s always used either on the table or on his lap, here at home. It took me ages to get the keyboard off thanks to all the double-sided tape under it.


Atheros drivers have had known issues, of course, but the Intel drivers do as well. The letter even contained a link to this very thread! I’ll have to play around with that DPC program I couldn’t tell if it was just adhered to the bottom of the touchpad I’m guessing it is, from what you said or if maybe it was wedged under some other part. Then, of course, click Ok This has solved my problem with the sporadic, frustrating and disappointing Touchpad issues and I hope that it will resolve yours as well.

If you jam any of them, you could bend one of the sensitive leads I did this of courseand then have to delicately bend them back.

Soon enough though, Nighthawk started showing some serious personality issues: The computer continues to operate fine otherwise, but the touchpad becomes virtually unusable. I think the crux of it is, more specifically, how the ground is implemented. You cannot access it though the HDD compartment. The built-up static charge triggers the registration of a finger touching the pad.