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Wed Jul 28, Tue Jul 27, 8: Definitely not super high end, but a clear step above your average computer speakers. We Are Trusted By. I just default to using my X-Fi. As for the DAC, it’s not “might be”- it probably is nigh perfect digital-to-analog conversion is a long-solved problem – and yeah, the other stuff you describe may indeed be bad Some motherboard outputs is horrible for direct headphone-use.

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I’m running two comps every day and I can definitely tell the difference between the new board with ALC and the old system with an Audigy 2 Platinum I still use for the breakout box which puts all the controls on the front. Wed Jul 28, 1: I don’t have any experience with that board, so why don’t you expound on your impressions of the sound from the Audio Channels DAC beyond “total and utter garbage”. The A sus Realtek audio driver not working?

I had some motherboards where the realtek audio is decent never great, but decent and others like my M4N82 Deluxe which isn’t a low end board where the Realtek audio is total and utter garbage talking analog audio here. Would the coax still be susceptible to interference from saus MB components and poor layout that seems to be an issue?

ALC888 vs X-FI

Wed Jul 28, 6: That said, read some reviews of the Xonar DX. Apr 24, Posts: Am I missing something here or should I just continue to use what I think sounds best? Audiophile Ars Praefectus Registered: Oct 17, Posts: Feb 12, Posts: I had nothing to do with this thread. I ask because I can and simplifying is always nice. That is the only consumer reason to get an add-in sound-card.


The claims almost invariably go from something like “so dmn bad I could barely throw the headphone off my head quickly enough” to something like “if you listen closely in a quiet room on high-end equipment, you can hear a slight change in the noise-floor when alc88.

I think that’s why laptop sound can be so bad. We Are Trusted By. Well, “Asus” isn’t monolithic, is it?

Asus Realtek Audio Drivers Download and Update for Windows 10//8/7/Vista/XP | Driver Talent

I’d have ported over the soundcard to the new board but decided to wait until its audio dies, which in my experience is the first thing to go on new boards. I really despise realtek audio, when there is superior solutions like Analog Devices available for almost the same cost and they should not be penny pinching on a high alc88 board in the al8c88 goddamn place.

Both downloading ASUS Realtek audio drivers via websites manually and installing drivers on Windows Update are time-consuming processes.

Largely, however, games are doing this in software these days since Vista and 7 removed all support for it and frankly, audio is a solved problem. So if it’s not the quality, what’s the point in using add-in cards? If you aren’t using a digital connection, Realtek’s DACs fucking blow. Why do you think the add-in sound card market is at its lowest ebb in history?


Well if Asus can’t lay out a motherboard, they sure as hell can’t lay out a Xonar. You need a specific interface or many of them.

It’s a pretty much bit-exact representation of what the system is outputting. Microsoft Windows Update can help to update Asus Realtek audio drivers.

adus I don’t care at all about features, I just want something that outputs reasonably clear audio and my experience with onboard sound has been lacking. Digital out to a receiver doesn’t matter obviously. Nov 27, Posts: Even Xbox use this rather plentiful, but on PC games we don’t get it even in platform agnostic titles. There’s all manner of wlc888 and humm, shit pop-click suppression, etc. The DAC itself might be great, but the power supply filtering and noise shielding may be crap.