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But where i get firmware to my mp5 player? When I plug it in to my usb port, my computer does not recognize it. Can u explain me. More information about text formats. Sorry for bad english. It will not go to the home screen.

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Can anybody help me? I have one type of those chinese PMP. That includes photos, videos, MP3’s, and even the games that were pre-installed on the unit.

Flashing And Upgrading Chinese MP4 Player Firmware |

Please sent link to lonelydre4m3r yahoo. I need yor help. I am saad from islamabad.

I am trying it on Windows XP. Can someone please help me how to do that?

Flashing And Upgrading Chinese MP4 Player Firmware

I accidentally default setting and all games deleted It will not go to the home screen. Hi i have a chinese mp5 player and its cpu id is hynix 27ufo84g2b And i haven’t found the firmware utility on internet So,please give me the firmware utility you can reply me at ieshan. BC Ashows anyak screen nd then hanged. Xamera to my comment. It’s LIKE a large flash drive that stores all the files you tranfer to it, it just can’t play those files itself.


Also let me know the cost.

Anyka Mp4 Suppliers, Manufacturer, Distributor, Factories, Alibaba

I need yor help thanks God bless All tatoyromeo yahoo. When I first got it it worked fine. Com In Facebook https: Otherway it works fine The solution is simple: I cannot find anywhere the firmware and flashing utility that match my Mp4 Digital player.

Ankya chip description are as below: This procedure can render your device dead, so do not try if your player is working fine. My mp4 cpu s. Firmware For MP4 Player.

My MP4 player is Dear sir i anykq 1 mp4 player jxdb when i press the power buttom it always show “liting your life” then nothing happen i tried to update my jxdb but i can’t detect to my pc plaese help to detect to my pc.

Two set of chipset written on the board, what to choose? There is a reset button in the back of the player, no help.


I tried reformating the disk, no help. My computer does not recognize my ipod device.

My mp4 chip name is ATJT i also found its firmware. Where on web can I find it?

May you guys help me please? Notify me when new comments are posted. Camera Mode Permalink Submitted by tin87 live. Here is my player bigshot 2gbfm http: