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We would wish for a removable alternative in future here. Crysis The shooter, Crysis, already released in still represents one of the biggest trials for computer systems. The hinges aren’t quiet but they are stable. The adapter is fairly small and a bit shorter than a gaming mouse. Additionally, the graphic card manufactured in a 40nm structure width supports DirectX

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Touchpad The touchpad has been placed a bit too far left, but is alright in terms of size.


In terms of form, Alienware remains loyal to its futuristic design as far as possible, whereby the M11x doesn’t make such an angular impression as its colleagues. Thus, the subnotebook reaches a well playable The small dimensions x x 33 mm hardly have an impact on workmanship and stability and thus, the M11x only m11 insignificantly behind its kind.

Alienware homepage Alienware notebook section. The temperature and noise development is almost too high for a subnotebook but the built-in processor is too weak for a gaming notebook. If you gefotce quickly or have bigger fingers, you’ll hit the wrong key every now and again. Disk data transfer rate.

It is significantly faster with an average of 45 fps. It becomes obvious that the M11x’s configuration isn’t very balanced. Gamers might be accustomed to this sound level in a way, but the fan is far too present for a subnotebook. Among other things, the detailed setting of the extensive illumination Alien FXthe touchpad setting and its optional scroll area Alien Touch and the also personalized energy savings settings Alien Fusion.


The hinges slightly protrude out of the back. Basically, the M11x is sitting on nvidla fence. The result is an adequate What’s that hiding in the M17x? The Core 2 Duo SU 1. Thus, a pleasantly smooth Further possibilities might m1x the iUM with 1.

Keyboard Due to the limited dimensions, Alienware – not very surprisingly – had to omit a numerical block and the key size has been overall lessened. The reverse side is, however, its not perfect gliding traits. Finally, both mouse keys are convincing with a pleasantly soft pressure feel.

Overclock the NVIDIA GeForce GT M on M11x? | NotebookReview

Alienware celebrates its worthy debut into a portable subnotebook size with the strong and unique M11x. Verdict Overall, aliehware processor provides for an under average application performance, the graphic card, in opposition, for an over average application performance, whereby the total performance settles in a center field.

No Alienware notebook leaves the house without the laser-etched name plaque.

Furthermore, the extensive lighting and the relatively lavish connectivity. Because the SU’s temperatures still have a lot of room upwards see “Emissions”we wouldn’t be surprised if Alienware would offer stronger processors in future. The keys can be well seen even in the dark because of the white bezel.


We’ve checked if the fairly weak processor has a very negative impact on the gaming performance further below. Thus, extreme reflections can already turn up indoors, which result in not being able to recognize anything on the display especially dark scenes in movies or games.

We’d definitely recommend connecting an external monitor for a longer stationary placement. The M11x doesn’t yet have the practical Optimus technology see the review about the Asus UL50VFfor examplewhich switches automatically between integrated and dedicated aliendare card, depending on the application. No matter what your intentions are with the Alienware M11x remote from the mains, the battery life shouldn’t be a problem.

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The upper side stays a bit cooler with Anno Usually 30 fps are sufficient for a smooth image in strategy games. But nvivia intention isn’t impossible as other manufacturers have proved e.

They aren’t exactly one of the most efficient processors because of the low clock rate, though.