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Official Representatives Bill R. I set the SPD to channel 11 in all menus where channel was mentioned where it was 10 originally , and I chose channel 11 input on a track in Sonar, but nothing was recorded. Every time I get into drum maps I realize I’d much rather be doing something else, like making music! I’m not a live or FL guy my God I hate both of those programs so much so I can’t give you any help on how to do it in the software. So, I would avoid a Dm5 when putting together a Kit.

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Sep 3, 2: Thanks for all the alesiis inputs everyone. The other 2 lights are off. In the “Sources” section, check the boxes for your controller’s ports.

Ableton Forum • View topic – Anyone use a Alesis DM5 or other drum trigger brain w/ Live?

Ok, now I’m gonna take this a little bit out of it’s original direction Will give it a try tomorrow. The problem is when I want to trigger another drum machine or VST sampler in real time from my drum kit.


Sep 2, 4: Another thing is that I use an Alesis DM5 aaalmost back to the subject there! Tue Nov 22, 6: Originally posted by jwideman View Post.


Let us know how it goes. It takes a bit of time to set one up to start with, midu it’s pretty cool, because unlike the standard piano roll, the drum map only shows you the notes you want to see, named what you want them named, and in the order you understand them best.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

I don’t know if my Drum Brain is having a problem. Can anyone point me into some direction here? This is likely an issue with how your Alesiz Drummer settings are configured. I assumed this would work virtually the same way?

Alesis DM5 Reference Manual: Onnections; Midi

As far as the rest is concerned, I’d still just merge all that into a single track and apply a drum map to it – but drum maps may not have been introduced until 2. Tue Aug 22, 5: Thankful I am, Deen No gain, no pain It records the pad stikes correctly in regard to velocity and timing looking miid the grid.

What I would alesiss to know is. I’ve tried following the manual to create maps but I must be missing something as it gets me only view 2 or 3.

DM5 MIDI problems

Then there is the DM5 that is located in the control room by the computer. Deen Ok, now I’m gonna take this a little bit out aleais it’s original direction Sep 3, 3: But MIDI won’t get the sounds of your module to the computer. Deen Max Output Level: It sounds to me like you really just want to record audio from the main ouputs to the computer.


Tue Jun 15, 6: The more I think about it the more hype I get. The drums once connected just will communicate with the firefly. I want to mix it in with some guitar that my stepfather has on the computer already.

I can play on two different controllers and have them each record to individual tracks like when I play the drums and my friend plays the keyboard – we can “jam” together and record itlayer tracks together from one controller, etc. The set is a bit too big, I guess, but when you’re used to it Page 1 of 1.